The Dolan/Maxwell Library at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation

The original library was donated by Margo Dolan and Peter Maxwell. It reflected their individual and shared interests, and it comprises the bulk of the resources at the Ballinglen Fellows’ disposal. It is particularly strong in certain areas: American Arts, Irish Arts, Prints and Drawings, Design and Architecture, and Artist’s Monographs. It also includes sections containing works devoted to Art Theory and Technique, Art History, British Art, European and World Art, as well as Contemporary Society and Philosophy. Over the years, they have continued to add to the catalogue, as have others. Most Ballinglen Fellows have given copies of their exhibition catalogues, which provide a useful context for the work they leave in the Ballinglen Permanent Collection. Artists, Directors, and friends of Ballinglen have been very generous with volumes and catalogues from their own libraries. The original library space is full, and there are plans to expand into the adjoining room to provide additional shelf and desk space and comfortable chairs for reading.

The Dolan/Maxwell Library is a reference library. Its resources are available primarily for visiting Ballinglen Fellows. As the exhibition programme continues to expand, it will be a valuable resource for curators and staff. Books are never lent. However, members of the community may apply to the Managing Director for access to the library for study purposes. A catalogue of holdings is being prepared and will be available to the public when it is complete. School and Workshop groups  visit the library for learning and inspiration as part of their programme.

The Dolan/Maxwell Library, like the Ballinglen Fellowship Programme and the Ballinglen Museum of Art, is unique in this part of rural Ireland. Gifts and donations towards expanding the space and the collection as well as updating the catalogue would be welcomed by the artists, staff and community at large.