Thicket | Gail Meyer Grinnell: The Ballinglen Museum of Art

20 May - 29 August 2024

The Museum and this exhibition is open to the public during the installation. The artist is available for conversation. 

Opening Event: June 1 2024, 5pm-7pm


'While working at the Ballinglen Museum of Art, I will be creating and installing a large-scale, suspended, transitory installation meant to be disassembled and repurposed at the end of the exhibit. 

It will occupy the 1st and 2nd floor gallery and be comprised of individual cut-to-shape contour line drawings – many created during my former residencies at the Ballinglen Foundation. 

The drawings appear delicate and are made from translucent materials that will be pinned together under slight tension forming an immersive work that will be in visual conversation with the architecture of the space, changing light through-out the day and the people passing through.

Gail Meyer Grinnell, 2024