You're on the Spectrum Now: Downstairs in The Ballinglen Museum of Art

14 February - 19 May 2024

A group of young people from a local Foróige group, with the help of our Learning Curator, curated an exhibition from The Ballinglen Permanent Collection downstairs in The Ballinglen Museum of Art. The theme that they chose was rainbow, and they decided to call the exhibition ‘You’re on the Spectrum Now’. Here’s what they had to say in their own words: 


“ We chose the theme of rainbow. This means the paintings go in the order of the rainbow along the walls from red to purple. The name we chose for this is ‘You’re on the Spectrum Now’. This refers to the band of colours seen in the rainbow. This occurs when light passes through a prism or water. The colours are ordered by wavelength, from shortest to longest.” 


‘You’re on the Spectrum Now’ will be available to view in The Ballinglen Museum of Art from today, February 14th, until April 10th. 


Artists included: Diana Copperwhite; Nataly Maier; Barbara Rae; Trevor Sutton; Robert Erickson; Karina Hean; Steven Ford; Cecilia Danell; Paul Hallahan; Joe Dunne; Allyson Keehan; Kerstin Hedman; Carol Robertson; John Lowings; Charles Ritchie.