Patrick Harris Belgium & Ireland, b. 1953

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to sum up the importance of Ballinglen for me, my work and my family in one or two sentences. My first visit to Ballycastle on a fellowship from Ballinglen was in December of 1997. I arrived with my partner and fellow artist, Linda Ruttelynck, and our two children Tara and Aaron. Since then, we returned annually as fellows and now have a home and studio in Carrowteige. My work, and that of Linda, is chiefly concerned with the light and coastline of North Mayo. Looking back over the years it is fair to say that that first fellowship at Ballinglen in 1997 changed our work and our lives profoundly. It gave us the opportunity to explore and work in this majestic landscape, the impact that this has had cannot be measured.          - Patrick Harris